Get to Know Laura Cross!

Get to Know Laura Cross!


Laura Cross has been running Crosswinds Stables as a boarding training barn since 2010. She has worked primarily with Arabians and Half-Arabians before coming to Grey County. In the past, Laura has worked with many other breeds, including Saddlebreds, Morgans, Hackneys, and other gaited breeds, Welsh Ponies, Warmbloods, and stock breeds.


Laura enjoys any opportunity to work with different breeds, or ride and train a different discipline. She has shown in the Arabian horse circuit throughout Canada and the United States for over 18 years. Earlier in her life, she spent over seven years living in Michigan, working, training, and showing horses in disciplines such as Saddleseat, Western Pleasure, Hunter Pleasure, Reining, Sidesaddle, and Dressage.

Laura really enjoys the chance to bring along and help with hunters, jumpers, and eventing horses and their riders. She finds ways to apply aspects of dressage to all her training, and focuses on teaching the horse how to use themselves better to become a happier, healthier horse, and reach the highest potential they are capable of.


Laura has had the opportunity to work with excellent trainers in her past, and appreciates horses for the constant learning opportunities they present. She has a true passion for working with rehab, or “tricky” horses, and developing true partnerships with horse and rider, no matter what discipline they choose to excel at.


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